Melanie Le


Christopher Dini


How he asked...

December 20th has been a significant day for us because we have been celebrating it as our dating anniversary for the past 11 years. We had plans to celebrate our 11th anniversary in Dallas, Texas and go to a Cowboys game this time. The night before we were supposed to fly out, Chris made dinner reservations for us in downtown Portland to celebrate our anniversary a little early. This also happened to be the same week of "Snowpocalypse 2016" as it was almost impossible to get anywhere due to the snow and ice! Since we live an hour away from portland and both have compact cars, I insisted we reschedule for when we get back. Chris still made it work, got his parents' SUV with chains, and drove us safely there .

As we were finishing up dessert Chris suggested we take a walk accross Tillikum Bridge nearby so we could see the skyline at night since it was on the way home. The night was beautiful with downtown lit up in the background and quiet as most people were in their home at this time. Chris pointed out a view point on the bridge ahead of us that I could take some pictures from since I was snapping pics on my phone. As we were looking out at the skyline, that's when it happened. He told me the real reason why he brought me there and got down on one knee and ask me to be with him forever! Chris also had our friend Anthony, who is a photographer, waiting for us on the bridge to capture this special night. It will be a night I never forget.

Little did I know; our Dallas trip was to celebrate our new engagement that was going to happen!

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